About Saliah-Rothschild

SR-Ventures, headed by Yair Rothschild and Yossi Saliah, began its way in 1979 as a contracting company and developed into an entrepreneurial company, motivated by a creative and qualitative way of thinking, providing personal attention and an appropriate response to each and every customer. 

SR-Ventures has made its motto to be commitment to quality, fairness without compromising honesty to all customers, suppliers and business partners.  

Saliah-Rothschild Group has gained a reputation as a high quality company of entrepreneurs, among the best in Israel, and has concluded many successful projects in diverse areas, including office, residential and commercial buildings, assisted living housing and more. Now days, the Group focuses on the construction of residential buildings , with an emphasis on creativity and uncompromised professionalism , quality and customer satisfaction . 

As registered contractors , Sr-Ventures create  the ultimate project for a client , while examining each project , both from the developer and the contractor’s points of view .

Saliah-Rothschild has always believed in the satisfaction of tenants. From personal attention and professionalism , to accuracy and of course the final result.


Saliah- Rothschild is excelling for 40 years and has managed to expand its family with thousands of satisfied and returning residents .


Saliah-Rothschild welcomes you to join their family

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